Flo and her world of sound

Audio is a large part of any game, from sound design to the music, it often goes unnoticed next to the stunning visuals, but would surely be missed if it were non-existent. So who’s the poor person that has to pour out their artistic heart creating the sounds of Flo’s world for little fame, limelight or recognition?

Well, that would be me. So while I’m not labouring over a hot Mac wrestling with Logic, I’d like to take the time to write to you about what goes on behind closed doors in the audio department.

By working in close conjunction with Gareth Rees our lead programmer we have managed to develop fully automated, generative sound elements within the game. These include repeatable actions such as moving Floe around the map, location selection and the general ambience heard throughout gameplay.

Whereas many other games would have audio aspects (such as ambience) created from a single looping sound file, Floe utilises generative code to produce the soundscape heard within the game from a series of individual sound assets.

So what does this mean for the gaming experience?

Well now, a rich soundscape heard as the ambience is composed in real time, giving a completely different, and unique auditory experience every second.

This gives the sound the diverse and dynamic nature that you would hear in reality, helping to immerse the player into Flo’s world.

So come release date look out for our hard work, and spare a thought for the audio guy.

PJ Belcher, Audio Production.


About PJ Belcher

Game Audio Producer. http://pjbelcher.com/ pjb@pjbelcher.com
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