What’s next for Otterly?

Floe is out, and people are asking what we’re going to do next. Well, in fact, we’re already making more games.

Floe was pretty complete in late July 2010, and we were ready to self-publish in August, but we decided to work with Chillingo to bring Floe to a wider audience. They asked for a few changes, and what with those, Crystal integration, and Chillingo being acquired, it’s taken a while to get Floe on to the App Store. And in that time, it’s not Floe that has been keeping us busy!

No, we’re working with another studio on something big, and famous! We can’t yet tell you what it is, but you have heard of it, unless you’ve been living in a cave. It’s really fun to work on, involves things dear to our hearts, and we’ll tell you about it just as soon as we can. Prototypes and early milestones have already been delivered!

In the meantime, please play Floe, and tell people about it. We made Floe in our own time, without any funding, in true indie style.  We know it’s a good game, but every developer needs help to reach that critical mass of players and power us on to new and greater things. We need your support so we can develop new and original indie titles.

Thanks to all those who’ve told us how much they (and their children) love Floe!

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1 Response to What’s next for Otterly?

  1. Mg says:

    Awesome was sorry it ended 5stars for originality,color and just plain fun !! Thanks

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