Otterly is hibernating

I’m sorry to say that the Otterly team is no longer making games.

We’ve had a very interesting and enjoyable time developing Floe, and working on a subsequent title. Sadly, our publisher for the second game collapsed and the game is no longer available. We can no longer sustain the Otterly venture, but I’m pleased to report we’re all happily doing other things.

Floe has done well for an iPhone game, but hasn’t recouped its development cost. As Trip Hawkins pointed out at GDC (2011, I think), only the top few dozen iPhone games make a profit, and the average iPhone app only ever gets a few thousand dollars of revenue. It’s no way to make a living, especially if you’re trying to do high quality work.

Many thanks to all who’ve supported us and enjoyed Floe, and goodbye for now.

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2 Responses to Otterly is hibernating

  1. neilbowers says:

    Sorry to hear that. Floe was fun. Any chance of your second game making it out in some form?

    • rptb1 says:

      That’s very unlikely. The game had a great deal of licensed content from Sony and South Park Studios, and the rest of it belongs to the now-defunct publisher.

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