Richard Brooksby

Richard is a skilled generalist, involved in game making at all levels. When he’s not steering the design and taking care of the business, he’s hacking on shaders, tweaking sounds, and making texture art. He’s a programmer at heart, and has been writing code since 1978. Before Otterly, he was game designer and developer on Bonsai Barber (Zoonami/Nintendo, Nintendo Wii), and lead developer on Zendoku (Zoonami/Eidos, Nintendo DS). He has another life as a company director and software engineering management consultant. He’s often found at local game jams working on titles like Frankenstein’s BMX Hospital.

Gareth Rees

Gareth Rees is an experienced software engineer who has worked on a bit of everything: theoretical computer science, geographical modelling systems, programming language compilers and runtime systems, web content management systems at Canon, automated test generation at Philips, software configuration management, literate programming, interactive fiction, and much more. He designed and developed games for seven years for Zoonami, including Zendoku (Zoonami/Eidos, Nintendo DS) and Bonsai Barber (Zoonami/Nintendo, Nintendo Wii).

Ed Sludden

Ed is a classically trained animator who’s produced artwork for many games on many platforms, working with some very well-known British games creators. He started his career as a 3d artist at Rare on Conker’s Bad Fur Day (Rare/Nintendo, Nintendo 64). He left the pastoral life for a lead artist position at Zoonami, a Cambridge based company headed up by Martin Hollis (Goldeneye). He was able to gain the experience of a lifetime and built up the confidence to start SwitchPilot, his own 3D art agency.  For the past six years he has worked with some very well-known British games creators. Before Otterly, he most recently created the art and animation for Bonsai Barber (Zoonami/Nintendo, Nintendo Wii).

PJ Belcher

PJ joined the Otterly team shortly after working at Zoonami, and meeting the other guys. Being the audio guy, and the young one of the bunch he can often be found shaking the walls with loud music. and making impossible design requests. What he lacks in age he makes up with great enthusiasm and passionate (sometimes whacky) ideas. Having also worked with Introversion he sure is making his mark on the Cambridge Indie Dev scene. Check out his website at PJ Belcher Pro Audio.