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History of level 24

In this article, I take a look at the development of Floe through the history of a single level from the game. A finished game, with smooth gameplay and polished graphics, gives little evidence of the many twists and turns … Continue reading

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Who is the player?

In a conventional sliding block puzzle game featuring a protagonist (by which I mean Repton, Boulder Dash, and Kurushi; I couldn’t come up with any more in the time it took to write this blog article, but maybe elements of … Continue reading

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iOS Audio Design Feature from PJ Belcher

I recently wrote a feature looking at the broader concepts of iPhone audio design to tie in with my earlier article looking specifically at asset size, “Size Matters“. Since the launch of the iPhone, apps have been big, especially in … Continue reading

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Floe is released on the App Store!

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that Floe has been released and is now available on the App Store! Watch this blog for more news and reactions. (So far all reviews have been 5 stars, but I’m sure that can’t continue.) Meanwhile, … Continue reading

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Flo says hi!

I couldn’t resist posting this cute new image of Flo wearing a Christmas hat. What will Flo be doing for the holidays, I wonder…

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The Art of Floe

This is a short article about how we arrived at the basic look of Floe, a beautiful sliding block puzzle game, developed by Otterly. We’ll start at the prototype stage and work our way to the final product. Graphically the … Continue reading

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Audio Production for iPhone: Size Matters

Hello Otterly Fans! I recently wrote an article detailing the production of audio for iPhone apps, covering the various issues and details unique to the iPhone and other mobile gaming devices. Games on handheld devices in recent years, as many … Continue reading

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Floe is coming soon from Chillingo/Clickgamer

We’re very pleased to announce that Floe will soon be released by Chillingo Continue reading

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Game music needs more marimba

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Last chance to try Floe

We’re reaching the end of Floe beta testing. If you’d like to have an influence on the game, you should play it and send your feedback to us by the end of Monday.  We’d be really grateful if you did! … Continue reading

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