Floe — a little bear needs your help!

A little bear needs your help!

Help baby bear Flo across the ice floes by getting the ice blocks out of her way. It’s simple but challenging! Floe is a cute puzzle game for iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Available on the App Store

Mama has crossed the sea, but Flo got left behind!  She needs your help to make a path across the tippy ice floes.  It won’t be easy — huge slippery blocks of ice are in the way.

Floe was created for a very wide age range.  It is a great game for parents and children to play together.  The controls are simple.  It takes moments to understand. And yet the puzzles soon become subtle and interesting without being complicated.

Intuitive and thoughtful puzzles, cute and colorful characters and a heart-warming story make this a great little game that’s fun for all the family.

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10 Responses to Floe — a little bear needs your help!

  1. Emma says:

    I have finished this game and it has told me to come here
    to claim my reward and I don’t know how to get my reward, any

    • rptb1 says:


      We’re sorry that the instructions at the end are confusing. Just do the last level again and touch the orange “otterly.com” and you will reach the prize page.

      We’ll make this clearer in an update soon.

      Thanks for playing! Hope you had fun.

  2. GreedyEye says:

    Thanks for a really great game. Enjoyed it thoroughly, very well produced!

    However, I’m stuck trying to get my final star – level 41. Despite a lot of effort, I keep getting 19 moves, and it really seems like there’s no faster way.

    Could you please confirm that 17 moves is actually possible? After 14 slides, I have a path down the entire first column (on the left), which Flo can move down. The maroon & dark green immediately above/below each other, forming an F shape. Does it sound like I’m on the right track? Feel free to mail me directly.

    Also, I am wondering why I cannot access the Expert levels (49-64) – do I need 48 stars to unlock them? (I have 47 stars).

  3. Ruth says:

    Won’t go back to main menu from info page

  4. rptb1 says:

    Hi GreedyEye!

    Yes, it is possible to do level 41 in 17 moves, but it is very tricky!

    We will be releasing the expert levels in a free update soon.

    Thanks for playing Floe. We’re so glad you’re enjoying it and asking for more!

    • GreedyEye says:

      Ah ok! I guess I gave up too soon. Anyway, I solved it now, was indeed tricky ;)

      Thank you, look forward to the new levels and new releases from Otterly! :)

  5. Xavi says:

    There will be an update with retina support?

    • rptb1 says:

      Hi Xavi. Unfortunately, the iPhone 4’s graphics hardware does not have the speed to run Floe with Retina support smoothly. We have tried a few tricks, but it’s probably not going to happen, sorry! It also does not improve the appearance as much as you might think. I hope you can still enjoy it.

  6. Uugly says:

    It’s fun

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